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© Adolf Kosel proprietor Gabriele Sander
Stamps, Coins and more
Hebragasse 7
1090 Vienna, Austria
Tel: 0043/1/406 43 03-0
Fax: 0043/1/406 43 03-33
Internet: www.kosel.com

Member of
APHV (Germany)

Update: 19.04.2024, 01:40
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More Info

Delivery service

Most articles in our shop are on stock and are mailed to you immediately. If some articles are out of stock, we will complete your order within 1 to 3 weeks. Should the completion of your order take longer, we will inform you of the delay. If by exception there are delays, we will inform you.

Your articles will be brought to your house by your postal service.

Whenever possible we will use commemoratives for postage and ask for clean cancellations. If the articles should reach you in damaged condition, please inform us immediately. We will then apply for damages. Instantaneously we will start a replacement-procedure.

Postage and Packing

We try to keep postage fees as low as possible. You only pay one fixed fee per order (Exception: Outside of Germany and Austria we will charge a surcharge for heavy articles. The total of your order does not affect this surcharge which is shown to you in RED before finalizing your order.)

RegionFeesFree from
Austria:EUR 5,90EUR 79,-
Rest Europe:EUR 7,90EUR 120,-
Rest World:

EUR 9,90

EUR 120,-
For orders reaching us by phone, fax or letter, we will inform you about the weight surcharge.


Stamps, covers, coins and phone cards are valuable collectors' items. In the end, only quality is worth the price. Our strict quality-control guarantees that only perfect articles leave our house. All products made of safe plastic.

Returns Policy

You may return any article you purchased from us, for any reason, for a full refund within 14 days of delivery of a shipment.

Exceptions of this policy are articles made especially for you (e.g. covers with your name) and articles like kiloware, which cannot be checked as to whether they were returned in full.

Payment and VAT

You trust us - we trust you! You'll get an invoice with your delivery, which is due for payment without any discounts within 14 days. If you prefer it and if it is available to your country, we can send C.O.D. as well. The fee for C.O.D. at the moment is EUR 9,-. All prices stated are VAT incl. for customers in the EU. For customers outside of the EU, the prices are excl. VAT, meaning we always charge exactly the prices stated in our shop.

For overseas customers payment by credit card is the easiest and cheapest way. We do accept cheques or remittance to any of our accounts as well.

Payment on the installment plan is possible for bigger amounts, but we ask you to contact us first.


If you place a subscription with us, we will thank you with many privileges (cheaper prices, preferential delivery of scarce articles, ...) All subscriptions can be terminated easily at any time - just send us an e-mail or a postcard, or call us.

There will not be any risk, for you can cancel your standing order any time. A simple postcard, letter, E-mail or call will do.

Thank you for your order

You shall enjoy your hobby. Therefore we will try to fulfill all your wishes as fast as possible. Please don't hesitate to contact us if something is not to your satisfaction.

Please recommend us to your friends

If you are satisfied and tell your friends about us, this is the best advertisement. If you give us the address of a collector you think might be interested in our products, we will be glad to send him a copy of our Kosel-catalogue. If you give us the adress of a fellow-collector, we will send her/him our brochure.