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Update: 21.05.2024, 01:40
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Unfortunately it has become almost impossible to get current Kiloware. The small supply that we have is barely enough for customers visiting our shop in Vienna. We have therefore decided to only offer online what we can easily supply - and that is not much. Please note that most of the packages on these pages contain mainly old stamps. So please do not order if you expect to receive current stamps - you won't. Times have changed, Kiloware is not the way any more to find current stamps.

On this page you'll find 17 articles.

↓Order no.DescriptionEURUSDMore
KW-NO03-01 100g Norway, 100% Sondermarken 48,0055,27Details
KW-AT08-10 1kg Austria, only Euro definitives 36,0041,45Details
KW-AT03-02 1/4kg Austria, 10% Sondermarken 14,5016,69Details
KW-AT03-10 1kg Austria, 10% Sondermarken 48,5055,85Details
KW-AT04-02 1/4kg Austria, 25% Sondermarken 29,5033,97Details
KW-AT04-10 1kg Austria, 100% Comm. Schilling 170,00195,78Details
KW-AT05-00 50g Austria, 100% Sondermarken 18,0020,72Details
KW-FR03-02 1/4kg France, 25% Sondermarken 30,0034,54Details
KW-FR04-01 100g France, 100% Sondermarken 48,0055,27Details
KW-GB01-10 1kg Great Britain definitives 12,0013,81Details
KW-GB09-05 50g Channel Islands+Man Mission Mix 7,508,63Details
KW-NO03-02 1/4kg Norway, 100% Sondermarken 48,0055,27Details
KW-JP01-02 1/4kg Japan, gute Mischung 28,0032,24Details
KW-ZA04-01 100g South Africa Pictorials 21,5024,76Details
KW-ZA01-02 1/4 kg South Africa Pictorials 45,0051,82Details
KW-WE03-02 1/4kg Alle Welt, 100% Sondermarken 24,0027,63Details
SA-1040-00 Briefmarken-Trockenpresse 30,3034,89Details