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New Articles of Austria

To feature especially older articles we have found in our stock - which, since sorted in chronologically where they belong - would otherwise get lost among the number of articles we have, these pages are sorted chronologically from old to new.

In this category you will find 87 articles.
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↓Order no.DescriptionEURUSDMore
AT-2371-S3 AT2371S3   Zillertal Railway FDC (ANK 2371, SCN 1870, Mi 2339, Yvert 2169)1,902,18Details
AT-6910-CG AT6910CG 1969-11-18   SSt. Projekt Apollo 12 (ANK 117)4,505,18Details
AT-6911-CG AT6911CG 1969-11-22   SSt. 1. Mensch auf dem Mond Apollo 11 (ANK 118)5,506,33Details
AT-6913-CG AT6913CG 1969-12-24   SSt. Ein Jahr Apollo 8 (ANK 131)3,504,03Details
AT-7002-CG AT7002CG 1970-04-16   SSt. Projekt Apollo 13 (ANK 22)1,501,72Details
AT-7211-CG AT7211CG 1972-12-11   SSt. NASA-Mondprogramm Apollo 17 (ANK 125)5,506,33Details
AT-7212-CG AT7212CG 1972-12-11   SSt. NASA-Mondprogramm Apollo 17 Reko (ANK 125)6,507,48Details
AT-1524-Y0 1975-12-11   Mod. Art: The Spiral Tree FDC (ANK 1524, SCN 1029, Mi 1505)39,5045,49Details
AT-B188-PP ATB188PP 1987-11-03   Bildpostkarte 188/12 Seitenstetten ** 2,502,87Details
AT-B189-PG ATB189PG 1987-11-03   Bildpostkarte 189/3 Feichten ge. 4,505,18Details
AT-2002-K2 AT2002K2 1989-10-02   AIDP - KB FDC SSt (ANK 2002, SCN 1480, Sta.Gib. 2209, Mi KB 1971, Yvert 1800)39,5045,49Details
AT-P040-P1 ATP040P1 1997-05-09   Postcard (Ausl.) - Hellbrunn ** (ANK 40)9,0010,36Details
AT-P040-PG ATP040PG 1997-07-01   Postcard (Ausl.) - Hellbrunn ** (ANK 40)3,003,45Details
AT-2371-S2 AT2371S2 2001-03-30   Zillertal Railway FDC (ANK 2371, SCN 1840, Mi 2339, Yvert 2169)1,902,18Details
AT-2374-S2 AT2374S2 2001-04-20   Salzburg Airport FDC (ANK 2374, SCN 1842, Mi 2340, Yvert 2173)2,402,76Details
AT-Q053-P2 ATQ053P2 2001-07-19   KA-Postcard - Owl FDC (ANK 435)16,0018,42Details
AT-2386-S2 AT2386S2 2001-08-31   East-West Railway FDC (ANK 2386, SCN 1850, Mi 2352, Yvert 2184)1,902,18Details
AT-PP32-VP ATPP32VP 2018-05-27   Pers. BM Philatelietag Meteor ** 8,509,78Details
AT-3461-5P AT34615P 2018-11-16   Weihn. 2018: Tannenbaum skl. 5er-Str. ** (ANK 3461)9,5010,94Details
AT-3463-5P AT34635P 2018-11-30   Weihnachten 2018 Vintage skl. 5er-Str ** (ANK 3463)11,0012,66Details

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