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New Articles of Austria

To feature especially older articles we have found in our stock - which, since sorted in chronologically where they belong - would otherwise get lost among the number of articles we have, these pages are sorted chronologically from old to new.

In this category you will find 68 articles.
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↓Order no.DescriptionEURUSDMore
AT-1820-GR 1984-07-06   100 Jahre Arlbergbahn/Tauernbahn Kombi (ANK 1820/1821)7,508,63Details
AT-1820-SR 1984-07-06   100 Jahre Arlbergbahn Kombi (ANK 1820, Mi 1785)6,907,94Details
AT-1820-SS 1984-09-22   100 Jahre Arlbergbahn Kombi MSSt (ANK 1820, Mi 1785)5,906,79Details
AT-1947-SB 1988-03-22   Lokalbahnen - Mühlkreisbahn VFDC (ANK 1947, Mi 1916)1,401,61Details
AT-1948-SS 1988-03-22   Lokalbahnen - Wiener Lokalbahn Kombi 2 (ANK 1948, SCN 1424, Mi 1917, Yvert 1746)4,405,06Details
AT-3599-XM AT3599XM 2021-05-28   Mod. Kunst: Pillhofer - 41. Amtl. MC (ANK 3599)4,905,64Details
AT-3604-K1 AT3604K1 2021-06-05   Weinregion Thermenreg. Rotgipfler KB-FDC (ANK 3604)24,2027,86Details
AT-3604-S1 AT3604S1 2021-06-05   Weinregion Thermenregion, Rotgipfler FDC (ANK 3604)3,303,80Details
AT-3604-SM AT3604SM 2021-06-05   Weinregion Thermenregion, Rotgipfler MC (ANK 3604)3,403,91Details
AT-3605-S1 AT3605S1 2021-06-18   Fotokunst: Lisl Ponger - Gone Native FDC (ANK 3605)5,456,27Details
AT-3605-SM 2021-06-18   Fotokunst: Lisl Ponger - Gone Native MC (ANK 3605)5,706,56Details
AT-3606-S1 AT3606S1 2021-06-18   Design: MKE - Hydrant - FDC (ANK 3606)6,958,00Details
AT-3606-SM AT3606SM 2021-06-18   Design: MKE - Hydrant - MC (ANK 3606)7,158,23Details
AT-3607-S1 2021-07-07   Zeitgenössische Kunst: Martin Schnur FDC (ANK 3607)3,303,80Details
AT-3607-SM 2021-07-07   Zeitgenössische Kunst: Martin Schnur MC (ANK 3607)3,403,91Details
AT-3607-SP AT3607SP 2021-07-07   Zeitgenössische Kunst: Martin Schnur ** (ANK 3607)1,802,07Details
AT-3608-KP AT3608KP 2021-07-10   Seltene Nutztiere: Jochb. Hummel - KB ** (ANK 3608)21,2524,47Details
AT-3608-S1 2021-07-10   Seltene Nutztiere: Jochb. Hummel - FDC (ANK 3608)3,704,26Details
AT-3608-SM 2021-07-10   Seltene Nutztiere: Jochb. Hummel - MC (ANK 3608)3,854,43Details
AT-3608-SP AT3608SP 2021-07-10   Seltene Nutztiere: Jochberger Hummel ** (ANK 3608)2,202,53Details

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