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In this category you will find 25 articles.
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↓Order no.DescriptionEURUSDMore
PE-X003-SP PEX003SP 2019-02-25   Pope Francis in Peru 2018 mint (Cat 2873)7,508,63Details
PE-X001-BP PEX001BP 2018-02-07   Joint issue with Dominican Rep. Mint (Cat Block 104)27,7531,95Details
PE-X003-GP PEX003GP 2018-02-02   Cavern Huayna Picchu mint (Cat 2824/2825)28,2032,47Details
PE-X002-BP PEX002BP 2018-01-29   Minerals: Silver & Gold s-sheet mint (Cat 2820/2821)28,2032,47Details
PE-X001-SP PEX001SP 2018-01-13   National Pampa Galeras's Reserve mint (Cat 2801)2,903,33Details
PE-X002-SP PEX002SP 2018-01-05   Fatima apparitions, 100 years mint (Cat 2793)4,304,95Details
PE-2603-SP PE2603SP 2011-11-01   Christmas 2011 mint (Cat 2603)4,505,18Details
PE-2490-SP PE2490SP 2010-11-02   Christmas 2010 mint (Cat 2490)7,708,86Details
PE-0031-BP PE0031BP 2005-05-02   Weißschwingenguan - Block ** (Cat BL 31)8,009,21Details
PE-1956-GP PE1956GP 2004-10-29   Eisenbahnen - Satz (2) ** (Cat 1956+Block 28)15,0017,27Details
PE-1881-GP PE1881GP 2004-01-30   Eisenbahn - Satz (2) ** (Cat 1881/1882)7,508,63Details
PE-1620-SP PE1620SP 1997-11-26   Weihnachten 1997 ** (Cat 1620)5,506,33Details
PE-1427-GP PE1427GP 1990-06-05   Französischen Revolution - Satz (4) ** (Cat 1427/1430)3,203,68Details
PE-1383-SP PE1383SP 1988-09-09   WM für Hundezucht, Lima ** (Cat 1383)1,802,07Details
PE-1381-SP PE1381SP 1988-09-06   Internationale Pazifikmesse, Lima ** (Cat 1381)1,101,26Details
PE-1347-SP PE1347SP 1986-12-03   Christmas 1986 mint (Cat 1347)1,902,18Details
PE-1326-SP PE1326SP 1986-08-08   40 Jahre Vereinte Nationen ** (Cat 1326)1,201,38Details
PE-1324-SP PE1324SP 1986-05-23   Internationales Jahr der Jugend ** (Cat 1324)1,001,15Details
PE-1287-SP PE1287SP 1984-12-11   Weihnachten 1984 ** (Cat 1287)0,700,80Details
PE-1261-SP PE1261SP 1983-12-16   Christmas 1983 mint (Cat 1261)1,101,26Details

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