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Welcome to the Kosel-Shop

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At the moment there are 142.713 articles (with 103.374 pictures) on 2.283 pages available. Please feel free to check our product range.
We deliver worldwide.
For Orders over EUR 89,- the fixed postage is not charged, but there may be a weight surcharge for heavy articles which our shop will show you before finalizing your order.

Featured Articles:

CZ0065BPTschechien: Zoological Gardens (II) s-sheet mint
Chomutov (Komotau): Wisent (Bison bonasus). Hodonín (Göding): Schimpanse (Pan trogoldytes), Löwe (Panthera leo). Brno (Brünn): Eisbär (Ursus maritimus). Plzen ... .
only EUR 10,25
USD 11,57

RO7263GPRomania: Oldtimer mint
Fahrzeuge aus der Sammlung von Ion Tiriac (*1939), Unternehmer, ehemaliger Eishockey- und Tennisspieler. Markenmotive: Hurtu 3 Quadricycle (1899), Delage Typ ... .
only EUR 18,85
USD 21,29

GNX003BPGuinea: Orchids & bees - S-Seet mint
only EUR 19,15
USD 21,62

MT1980GPMalta: Anniversaries - mint
350th anniversary of the death of Melchior Cafà. More
only EUR 8,70
USD 9,82

FR6792GPFrance: The five senses self-adh. - mint
Der Geschmack: Chili aus Espelette, Erdbeere, Zitrone, Käseplatte, Brot und Feingebäck, Schokolade, Saftige Tomaten, Oliven, Kaffee, Vitaminreiche ... .
only EUR 23,20
USD 26,20

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