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MICHEL Catalogues

3 MICHEL CataloguesMICHEL Catalogues cover the whole world of stamps. They are written in German and published by the Schwaneberger Verlag. The Catalogues of Germany are printed in color, all others printed in black and white.

See also Supplements.

In this category you will find 88 catalogues.
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↓Order no.DescriptionEURUSDMore
MI-EU02-02 MIEU0202 MICHEL-Cat. Southwestern Europe 2019 74,0085,22Details
MI-DEST-01 MIDEST01 MICHEL-Cat. Germany 2019/2020 59,8068,86Details
MI-ATSP-00 MIATSP00 MICHEL-Cat. Austria-Special 2019 69,9080,50Details
MI-EU01-02 MIEU0102 MICHEL-Cat. Middle Europe 2019 74,0085,22Details
MI-KOLE-01 MIKOLE01 MICHEL-Cat. European Colonies 2019 89,00102,49Details
MI-BD01-03 MIBD0103 MICHEL-Cat. Middle-America 2019 89,00102,49Details
MI-MUDE-01 MIMUDE01 MICHEL-Cat. Coins of Germany 2018 29,8034,31Details
MI-DES1-01 MIDES101 MICHEL-Cat. Germany Special 2019/Vol. 1 89,90103,53Details
MI-DES2-01 MIDES201 MICHEL-Cat. Germany Special 2019/Vol. 2 89,90103,53Details
MI-BD05-01 MIBD0501 MICHEL-Cat. Western Africa 2019 H-Z 89,00102,49Details
MI-MKKA-00 MIMKKA00 MICHEL-Cat. House Cats Worldwide 69,8080,38Details
MI-MKHU-00 MIMKHU00 MICHEL-Cat. Dogs Worldwide 69,8080,38Details
MI-BD05-03 MIBD0503 MICHEL-Cat. Western Africa 2019 A-G 89,00102,49Details
MI-DERM-01 MIDERM01 MICHEL-Kat. Deutschland Rollenmark. 2019 79,9092,01Details
MI-MKSC-00 MIMKSC00 MICHEL-Cat. Chess Worldwide 49,0056,43Details
MI-MKRK-00 MIMKRK00 MICHEL-Cat. Red Cross Worldwide 69,8080,38Details
MI-CEPT-00 MICEPT00 MICHEL-Cat. CEPT 2019 72,0082,91Details
MI-DEJU-01 MIDEJU01 MICHEL-Cat. Germany Junior 2019 9,9511,45Details
MI-BD06-02 MIBD0602 MICHEL-Cat. South Africa 2018/2019 89,00102,49Details
MI-EU07-03 MIEU0703 MICHEL-Cat. Eastern Europe 2018/2019 72,0082,91Details

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