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Special Cancellations on special Forms (German: Interessentenpostamt = IPA)

Among the special cancellations there is an even more special type of cancellations where one had to use the cover, card or cinderella stamp of the organizer to receive the cancellation. The german term for this kind of cancellation is Interessentenpostamt. This kind of event is often used to raise funds for charity organisations, and to make these cancellations more attractive they are very often combined with a special conveyance, for example with a horse carriage, an old steam train, a carrier pigeon, ...

In this category you will find 62 special cancellations.
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↓Order no.DescriptionEURUSDMore
AT-1009-CI AT1009CI 2010-07-10   SOPO Kutsche Karlstetten-Rosenthal (ANK IPA 6)3,904,49Details
AT-1008-CI AT1008CI 2010-07-10   SOPO Nostalgiezug Spielfeld-Mureck (ANK IPA 5)3,904,49Details
AT-1007-CI AT1007CI 2010-06-21   SOPO Special Olympics St. Pölten (ANK IPA 3)3,904,49Details
AT-1006-CI AT1006CI 2010-06-11   SOPO mit Oldtimertraktor (ANK IPA 1)3,904,49Details
AT-0902-CI AT0902CI 2009-04-18   SOPO 300 Jahre Post Poysdorf (ANK IPA 1)3,904,49Details
AT-0820-CI AT0820CI 2008-09-14   SOPO mit Postkutsche: PRAGA 2008-WIPA08 (ANK IPA 6)7,909,09Details
-AT-0414-CI AT0414CI 2004-11-27   SOPO mit historischer Postkutsche (ANK IPA 5)  Details
-AT-0412-CI AT0412CI 2004-10-26   SOPO mit der ältesten Dampflok (ANK IPA 4)  Details
AT-0408-CI AT0408CI 2004-09-11   SOPO mit Harrach'schen Schlossreitern (ANK IPA 3)5,906,79Details
AT-0405-CI AT0405CI 2004-06-19   SOPO Semmeringbahn Zauberberge (ANK IPA 2)5,506,33Details
AT-0402-CI AT0402CI 2004-05-15   SOPO Kutsche Engelhartstetten (ANK IPA 1)6,006,90Details
AT-0101-CI AT0101CI 2001-08-31   SOPO mit Sonderzug zur Eröffnung (ANK IPA 1)6,107,02Details
AT-9903-CI AT9903CI 1999-11-28   SOPO PINKABRIA '99 (ANK IPA 3)6,107,02Details
AT-9902-CI AT9902CI 1999-09-11   SOPO BRUBRIA '99 (ANK IPA 2)6,107,02Details
AT-9301-CI AT9301CI 1993-05-14   SOPO Peter Rosegger (ANK IPA 1)3,003,45Details
AT-9102-CI 1991-09-14   SOPO mit historischer Postkutsche (ANK IPA 2)9,5010,94Details
AT-9002-CI AT9002CI 1990-10-26   SOPO mit Reiterboten zug. d. Waldschule (ANK IPA 2)5,806,67Details
AT-8801-CI AT8801CI 1988-09-11   Interessenten-SSt Welttag des Kindes (ANK IPA 1)5,806,67Details
AT-8704-CI AT8704CI 1987-09-13   Interessenten-SSt Welttag des Kindes (ANK IPA 4)5,806,67Details
AT-8604-CI AT8604CI 1986-09-14   Interessenten-SSt Welttag des Kindes (ANK IPA 4)5,806,67Details

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