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In this category you will find 1551 stamps, covers and cards.
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↓Order no.DescriptionEURUSDMore
AT-1800-C4 2018-01-27   Austria: SSt. SM 'Steyr 'Baby Typ 50' 1,601,80Details
AT-3401-SP AT3401SP 2018-01-27   Austria: Autos: Steyr 50 'Baby' ** (ANK (3401))2,803,16Details
LU-2149-GP LU2149GP 2017-12-05   Luxemburg: Motor vehicles (IV) mint (Mi 2149/2152)13,6015,36Details
AD-0825-SP AD0825SP 2017-11-10   Andorra frz.: Automobile mint (Mi 825)2,452,76Details
CZ-0948-SP CZ0948SP 2017-10-18   Tschechien: Retro Traffic mint (Mi 948)1,902,14Details
NO-0049-BP NO0049BP 2017-10-07   Norway: Norwegian cars s-sheet mint (Mi Block 49)19,9522,53Details
NO-1946-GP NO1946GP 2017-10-07   Norway: Norwegian cars mint (Mi 1946/1949)19,9522,53Details
AT-1708-C1 AT1708C1 2017-09-30   Austria: SSt. 150 Jahre Feuerwehr St. P÷lten 1,601,80Details
HU-0406-BP HU0406BP 2017-09-01   Hungary: Historic automobiles - s-sheet mint (Mi Block 406)7,958,97Details
RO-7263-GP RO7263GP 2017-08-30   Romania: Oldtimer mint (Mi 7263/7266)18,8521,29Details
IT-3992-SP IT3992SP 2017-07-04   Italy: 60 years small car Fiat 500 mint (Mi 3992)2,903,27Details
DK-0068-BP DK0068BP 2017-06-15   Denmark: Oldtimer s-sheet mint (Mi Block 68)30,1534,05Details
LV-1017-SP LV1017SP 2017-06-02   Latvia: Motormuseum, Riga ** (Mi 1017)4,004,51Details
AT-1704-C1 AT1704C1 2017-05-20   Austria: SSt. SM Auto Puch XII Alpenwagen 1,601,80Details
AT-3373-S1 AT3373S1 2017-05-20   Austria: Autos: Puch XII Alpenwagen - FDC (Mi 3344, ANK 3373)2,903,27Details
AT-3373-SM AT3373SM 2017-05-20   Austria: Autos: Puch XII Alpenwagen - MC (Mi 3344, ANK 3373)2,903,27Details
AT-3373-SP AT3373SP 2017-05-20   Austria: Autos: Puch XII Alpenwagen ** (Mi 3344, ANK 3373)1,451,63Details
PT-4264-GP PT4264GP 2017-05-17   Portugal: 50 years Rally Portugal mint (Mi 4264/4268)9,8511,12Details
DE-3297-GP DE3297GP 2017-04-13   Germany: German Cars - mint (Mi 3297/3298, ANK 3327/3328)4,855,47Details
DE-3301-GP DE3301GP 2017-04-13   Germany: German Cars - mint (Mi 3301/3302, ANK 3329/3330)4,855,47Details

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