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In this category you will find 1286 stamps, covers and cards.
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↓Order no.DescriptionEURUSDMore
FX-0077-BP FX0077BP 2020-01-02   Antarktis frz.: Airplane - Concordia DHC-6 s-sheet mint (Cat Block 79)7,708,86Details
FX-0072-BP FX0072BP 2019-11-07   Antarktis frz.: Post to the end of the world s-sh. Mint (Cat Block 72)18,5021,30Details
RU-0286-BP RU0286BP 2019-10-23   Russia: Sergei Ilyushin's 125th birthday mint (Cat Block 286)18,9521,82Details
AT-1909-C7 AT1909C7 2019-10-19   Austria: SSt. SM Sport und Luft - Segelfliegen 1,701,95Details
AT-3512-S1 AT3512S1 2019-10-19   Austria: Sport und Luft: Segelfliegen - FDC 5,606,44Details
AT-3512-SM AT3512SM 2019-10-19   Austria: Sport und Luft: Segelfliegen - MC 5,806,67Details
CN-0252-BP CN0252BP 2019-09-26   China: Guangdong Greater Bay Area s-sheet mint (Cat Block 254)2,703,10Details
CN-5129-SP CN5129SP 2019-09-26   China: Daxing airport with dec. field mint (Cat 5131)1,001,15Details
CN-5132-GP CN5132GP 2019-09-26   China: Guangdong Greater Bay Area mint (Cat 5128/5129)2,703,10Details
MN-0438-BP MN0438BP 2019-07-29   Mongolia: Dipl. Bez. Mit der TŘrkei - Block ** (Cat Block 438)10,2511,80Details
RU-0280-BP RU0280BP 2019-07-26   Russia: International army games s-sheet mint (Cat Block 280)6,857,88Details
RU-2701-SP RU2701SP 2019-06-20   Russia: Radio and electronics group 'Vega' mint (Cat 2701)3,854,43Details
GB-4401-GP GB4401GP 2019-06-06   Great Britain: D-Day mint (Cat 4401/4411)22,2525,62Details
GB-0122-BP GB0122BP 2019-05-02   Great Britain: British technology s-sheet mint (Cat Block 122)13,7515,83Details
GB-122A-BP GB122ABP 2019-05-02   Great Britain: Britische Technologie - Block mit BC ** (Cat Block 122 mit BC)13,7515,83Details
SK-0868-SP SK0868SP 2019-04-04   Slovakia: 75 years ICAO mint (Cat 868)2,102,41Details
CH-2596-SP CH2596SP 2019-03-07   Switzerland: 100 years Swiss air transport mint (Cat 2588)3,003,45Details
FX-1052-SP FX1052SP 2019-02-25   Antarktis frz.: Logo of ╔parses mint (Cat 1052)5,506,33Details
CN-5070-SP CN5070SP 2018-12-15   China: Three Direct Links mint (Cat 5063)1,051,20Details
RU-X015-SP RUX015SP 2018-11-30   Russia: Central Aero Hydrodynamic Institute mint (Cat 2629)3,003,45Details

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