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MICHEL Catalogues

3 MICHEL CataloguesMICHEL Catalogues cover the whole world of stamps. They are written in German and published by the Schwaneberger Verlag. Except for older catalogues printed before 2013 and some specialized catalogues all of them are in colour - for easier recognition of the stamps. The seven European catalogues as well as the Germany Junior, Standard and Specialized catalogues are published regularly each year, the overseas series is replaced by a new edition every 3 to 5 years. In 2015, the last catalogues of the red edition and the first of the green edition have been published, so these are the current editions.

The most recent catalogues are on stock and can be shipped immediately, a little older catalogues will be shipped within 4-7 days.

In this category you will find 87 MICHEL catalogues.
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↓Order no.DescriptionEURUSDMore
MI-MKLE-00 MIMKLE00 MICHEL-Cat. Lighhouses Worldwide 69,9080,50Details
MI-EU02-20 MIEU0220 MICHEL-Cat. Europe Middle Europe 2020 49,8057,35Details
MI-EU01-20 MIEU0120 MICHEL-Cat. Europe Alpine Countries 2020 49,8057,35Details
MI-MKWW-F0 MIMKWWF0 MICHEL-Katalog WWF 2019 49,9057,46Details
MI-MKDI-00 MIMKDI00 MICHEL-Cat. Dinosaurs Worldwide 69,9080,50Details
MI-EU07-07 MIEU0707 MICHEL-Cat. Eastern Europe 2019/2020 74,0085,22Details
MI-BD09-04 MIBD0904 MICHEL-Cat. Japan, Korea, CIS 2020 89,00102,49Details
MI-UNO0-00 MIUNO000 MICHEL-Cat. UNO-Specialised 2020 66,0076,00Details
MI-MKSL-00 MIMKSL00 MICHEL-Cat. Butterflies Worldwide 69,9080,50Details
MI-MKPF-00 MIMKPF00 MICHEL-Cat. Scouting Worldwide 69,9080,50Details
MI-EU06-07 MIEU0607 MICHEL-Cat. Western Europe 2019/2020 74,0085,22Details
MI-EU05-07 MIEU0507 MICHEL-Cat. Northern Europe 2019/2020 74,0085,22Details
MI-BD02-04 MIBD0204 MICHEL-Cat. Carib. Islands 2019/2020 K-Z 89,00102,49Details
MI-EU04-02 MIEU0402 MICHEL-Cat. South-Eastern Europe 74,0085,22Details
MI-BD02-00 MIBD0200 MICHEL-Cat. Carib. Islands 2019/2020 A-J 89,00102,49Details
MI-FLSP-00 MIFLSP00 MICHEL-Cat. Liechtenstein Special 19/20 46,0052,97Details
MI-CHSP-00 MICHSP00 MICHEL-Cat. Switzerland Special. 19/20 69,9080,50Details
MI-EU03-02 MIEU0302 MICHEL-Cat. Southern Europe 2019 74,0085,22Details
MI-EU02-02 MIEU0202 MICHEL-Cat. Southwestern Europe 2019 74,0085,22Details
MI-DEST-01 MIDEST01 MICHEL-Cat. Germany 2019/2020 59,8068,86Details

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