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Ships and boats

In this category you will find 3079 stamps, covers and cards.
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↓Order no.DescriptionEURUSDMore
AT-3420-KP 2018-05-25   Austria: Tag der Briefmarke 2018 - KB ** (ANK 3420)58,0065,51Details
AT-3420-SP AT3420SP 2018-05-25   Austria: Tag der Briefmarke 2018 ** (ANK 3420)9,5010,73Details
AT-3420-SR AT3420SR 2018-05-22   Austria: Tag der Briefmarke in Kńrnten - Kombi (ANK 3420)15,5017,50Details
FX-1017-SP FX1017SP 2018-04-06   Antarktis frz.: Ship Astrolabe mint (Mi 1017)3,203,61Details
EE-0917-SP EE0917SP 2018-04-05   Estonia: 50 years research ship 'Mare' mint (Mi 917)1,802,03Details
MT-2005-GP MT2005GP 2018-03-23   Malta: Maritime Malta (VI) mint (Mi 2005/2007)4,905,53Details
CZ-0971-SP CZ0971SP 2018-03-14   Tschechien: Historic Transportation (XII) mint (Mi 971)2,352,65Details
FO-0918-GP FO0918GP 2018-02-26   Färöer Inseln: Bird trap in the Faroe Islands mint (Mi 918/919)19,8022,36Details
PT-4353-GP PT4353GP 2018-02-26   Portugal: The river Tejo mint (Mi 4353/4356)8,409,48Details
FA-0450-GP FA0450GP 2018-02-01   Alandinseln: Sailboats (IV) mint (Mi 450/451)12,3013,89Details
FX-0061-BP FX0061BP 2018-01-02   Antarktis frz.: The forgotten airfield s-sheet mint (Mi Block 61)14,2016,03Details
FX-0996-SP FX0996SP 2018-01-02   Antarktis frz.: Pierre-Etienne Bourgeois de Boynes mint (Mi 996) Details
FX-1005-SP FX1005SP 2018-01-02   Antarktis frz.: Ships mint (Mi 1005)6,307,11Details
FI-X001-SP FIX001SP 2017-11-13   Finland: Sailing ship race Turku 2017 mint 4,555,13Details
FR-6887-SP FR6887SP 2017-09-29   France: Transmissions militaire mint (Mi 6887)3,954,46Details
MT-1985-GP MT1985GP 2017-09-29   Malta: Maritime Malta (V) mint (Mi 1985/1987)17,3519,59Details
MC-0124-BP MC0124BP 2017-08-21   Monaco: Research around the world mint (Mi Block 124)8,459,54Details
PT-4280-GP PT4280GP 2017-06-30   Portugal: 100 years of the First World War mint (Mi 4280/4282)5,656,38Details
RU-2449-SP RU2449SP 2017-06-29   Russia: Russian State Shipbuilding mint (Mi 2449)2,552,88Details
SL-0097-BP SL0097BP 2017-05-26   Slovenia: Maria Theresa's 300th birthday - mint (Mi Block 97)3,303,72Details

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