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Inventions and Technology

In this category you will find 253 articles.
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↓Order no.DescriptionEURUSDMore
AT-1902-C5 AT1902C5 2019-03-30   Austria: SSt. SM Kaplan-Turbine - Viktor Kaplan 1,701,95Details
AT-3477-KP AT3477KP 2019-03-30   Austria: Erfindungen: Kaplan-Turbine KB ** 17,0019,57Details
AT-3477-S1 AT3477S1 2019-03-30   Austria: Erfindungen: Kaplan-Turbine - FDC 3,303,80Details
AT-3477-SM AT3477SM 2019-03-30   Austria: Erfindungen: Kaplan-Turbine - MC 3,403,91Details
AT-3477-SP AT3477SP 2019-03-30   Austria: Erfindungen: Kaplan-Turbine ** 1,701,95Details
AT-3477-SR AT3477SR 2019-03-30   Austria: Erfindungen: Kaplan-Turbine Kombi 1976 6,907,94Details
AT-1800-C3 AT1800C3 2018-01-22   Austria: SSt. SM Michael Thonet - Bugholzm÷bel 1,601,84Details
AT-3400-KP AT3400KP 2018-01-22   Austria: Erfindungen: Thonet - Bugholzm÷bel KB ** (Mi 3375)17,0019,57Details
AT-3400-SP AT3400SP 2018-01-22   Austria: Erfindungen: Thonet - Bugholzm÷bel ** (Mi 3375)1,701,95Details
DE-3329-SP DE3329SP 2017-08-10   Germany: 50 years color television mint (Mi 3329)1,902,18Details
FR-6723-SP FR6723SP 2017-04-27   France: International Inventor Competition mint (Mi 6723)3,504,03Details
AT-1701-C1 AT1701C1 2017-02-22   Austria: SSt. SM Í Erfindungen Peter Mitterhofer 1,601,84Details
AT-3356-K1 AT3356K1 2017-02-22   Austria: Erfindungen: Schreibmaschine - KB-FDC (Mi 3326)24,0027,63Details
AT-3356-KP AT3356KP 2017-02-22   Austria: Erfindungen: Schreibmaschine KB ** (Mi 3327)17,0019,57Details
AT-3356-S1 AT3356S1 2017-02-22   Austria: Erfindungen: Schreibmaschine - FDC (Mi 3327)3,203,68Details
AT-3356-SM AT3356SM 2017-02-22   Austria: Erfindungen: Schreibmaschine - MC (Mi 3327)3,203,68Details
AT-3356-SP AT3356SP 2017-02-22   Austria: Erfindungen: Schreibmaschine ** (Mi 3327)1,701,95Details
FR-6428-SP FR6428SP 2016-04-22   France: 200 Jahre Dampfschifffahrt ** (Mi 6428)3,303,80Details
AT-1601-C3 AT1601C3 2016-02-19   Austria: SSt. SM Serie 'Í Erfindungen' 1,601,84Details
AT-3279-K1 AT3279K1 2016-02-19   Austria: Josef Ressel, Schiffsschraube - KB FDC 23,0026,48Details

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