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Non-Christian Houses of Prayer

Christian houses of prayer, that is churches, cathedrals, chapels, etc. are listed on Churches. For clarity's sake we keep those seperately.

In this category you will find 115 articles.
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↓Order no.DescriptionEURUSDMore
DE-3401-GP DE3401GP 2018-07-12   Germany: Most beautiful panoramas (XII) mint (Mi 3401/3402)2,452,82Details
DE-3405-GP DE3405GP 2018-07-12   Germany: Panoramas (XII) mint (Mi 3405/3406)2,452,82Details
IR-X002-BP IRX002BP 2018-02-12   Iran: Gem. Ausgabe mit Armenien - Block ** 31,3536,10Details
AX-X001-BP AXX001BP 2017-12-22   Armenia: Joint issue with Iran s-sheet mint 7,408,52Details
IL-2590-SP IL2590SP 2017-11-14   Israel: Friendship with Russia mint (Mi 2590)6,056,96Details
RU-2503-SP RU2503SP 2017-11-14   Russia: Architecture mint (Mi 2503)2,653,05Details
YK-0370-GP YK0370GP 2017-01-20   Kosovo: Städte Kosovos: Ferizaj - Satz (2) ** (Mi 370/371)10,7512,38Details
CN-4804-GP CN4804GP 2016-06-26   China: Longxing-Tempel - Satz (2) ** (Mi 4804/4805)2,352,70Details
GR-0102-BP GR0102BP 2016-04-18   Greece: Griechisches Jahr in Russland - Block ** (Mi Block 102)10,5012,09Details
DE-3221-HP DE3221HP 2016-03-01   Germany: 1250 Jahre Schwetzingen - MH - skl ** (Mi 3221)38,5044,33Details
DE-3221-SP DE3221SP 2016-03-01   Germany: 1250 Jahre Schwetzingen - skl ** (Mi 3221, ANK 3254)3,854,43Details
YK-0328-GP YK0328GP 2016-01-18   Kosovo: Städte Kosovos: Vushtrria - Satz (2) ** (Mi 328/329)10,0011,51Details
BA-0683-DP BA0683DP 2015-12-22   Bosnia Herzegovina: FM: Sakralbauten ** (Mi 683)1,651,90Details
CE-0377-GP CE0377GP 2015-11-11   Montenegro: Historisches Erbe (V) - Satz (2) ** (Mi 377/378)4,955,70Details
TR-0134-BP TR0134BP 2015-05-21   Turkey: UNESCO-Weltkulturerbe - Block ** (Mi Block 134)8,509,78Details
TR-0128-BP TR0128BP 2015-02-18   Turkey: Freundschaft mit Iran - Block ** (Mi Block 128)2,903,33Details
CN-4648-SP CN4648SP 2015-01-10   China: Chinesisches Neujahr ** (Mi 4648)1,001,15Details
UA-0124-BP UA0124BP 2014-12-04   Ukraine: Sehenswürdigkeiten (VII) - Block ** (Mi Block 124)4,104,72Details
BA-0653-SP BA0653SP 2014-08-20   Bosnia Herzegovina: FM: Sakralbauten ** (Mi 653)2,002,30Details
PD-0059-BP PD0059BP 2014-06-12   Madeira: 500 Jahre Diözese Funchal - Block (2) ** (Mi Block 59/60)7,608,75Details

Page 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 of 6   [Next page >>]