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Religious Personalities

In this category you will find 647 articles.
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↓Order no.DescriptionEURUSDMore
RU-2510-SP 2017-11-29   Russia: Reestablishment of patriarchy mint (Mi 2510)3,904,40Details
LV-1027-SP LV1027SP 2017-10-27   Latvia: 500th anniversary of the Reformation (Mi 1027)2,452,76Details
VA-1906-SG 2017-09-07   Vatican: Francesca Saverio Cabrini used (Mi 1906)2,753,10Details
VA-1908-SP VA1908SP 2017-09-07   Vatican: Don Lorenzo Milani mint (Mi 1908)2,753,10Details
RU-2469-SP RU2469SP 2017-08-23   Russia: A. Antonius's 200th birthday mint (Mi 2469) Details
VA-1898-SP VA1898SP 2017-05-04   Vatican: Domenico Bartolucci's 100th birthday mi (Mi 1898)2,753,10Details
AT-1701-C7 AT1701C7 2017-03-17   Austria: SSt. 100 J. St. Clemens Hofbauer Komitee 1,601,80Details
CH-2485-SP CH2485SP 2017-03-02   Switzerland: 600th birthday of Niklaus von Flüe mint (Mi 2485, ANK 2500)3,203,61Details
AT-PM40-VP ATPM40VP 2017-03-01   Austria: Pers. BM Klemens Maria Hofbauer ** 6,006,77Details
LT-1234-SP LT1234SP 2017-01-07   Lithuania: 500th anniversary of Reformation - mint (Mi 1234)1,501,69Details
LV-0994-SP LV0994SP 2016-10-12   Latvia: Janis Pommers - mint (Mi 994)1,451,63Details
RU-2367-SP RU2367SP 2016-10-07   Russia: Metropolitan Macarius 200th anniv. Mint (Mi 2367)3,003,38Details
LU-2099-SP LU2099SP 2016-09-13   Luxemburg: 350 J.Schirmherrin d. Stadt Luxemburg ** (Mi 2099)2,002,25Details
VA-1878-SP VA1878SP 2016-09-13   Vatican: Maximilian Mary Kolbe - mint (Mi 1878)2,953,33Details
AB-3532-SP AB3532SP 2016-09-04   Albania: Heiligsprechung von Mutter Teresa ** (Mi 3532)3,203,61Details
VA-1876-SP VA1876SP 2016-09-04   Vatican: Canonization of Mother Teresa - mint (Mi 1876)2,753,10Details
YK-0349-SP YK0349SP 2016-08-15   Kosovo: Heiligsprechung von Mutter Teresa ** (Mi 349)7,158,07Details
AT-1512-C6 AT1512C6 2015-12-06   Austria: SSt. 43. Nikolaus-Sonderpostamt des IBSV 1,601,80Details
AT-1512-C7 AT1512C7 2015-12-06   Austria: SSt. 42. Sonderpostamt HL. Nikolaus 1,601,80Details
SM-2650-GP SM2650GP 2015-10-23   San Marino: 200 Geb. Don Giovanni Bosco - Satz (2)** (Mi 2650/2651)10,1511,46Details

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