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Articles New to Our Shop

Here you find articles that we added to our shop within the last five weeks (except supplements). Spanning all countries except Austria (You find Austrian new articles here)

Sorted chronologically from new to old. If you are interested in what older articles we added (which we do all the time, sorting through our stock for what we have in especially thematics) you can start with the last page and click forward.

In this category you will find 257 stamps, covers and cards.
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↓Order no.DescriptionEURUSDMore
SA-AT0M-18 2019-02-19   SAFE dual Österreich Schmuckblatt 2018 12,0013,81Details
LE-NME2-E7 LENME2E7 2019-02-15   NUMIS 2 Euro-Münzen-Vordruckalbum Bd.7 22,9526,43Details
DE-3438-GP DE3438GP 2019-02-07   Germany: Grimm's fairy tale (XI) mint 11,4013,12Details
DE-3441-GP DE3441GP 2019-02-07   Germany: Sky Events (I) mint 3,754,31Details
DE-3443-SP DE3443SP 2019-02-07   Germany: Else Lasker-Schüler mint 1,902,18Details
DE-3444-SP DE3444SP 2019-02-07   Germany: Grimm's fairy tale (XII) mint 2,703,10Details
DE-3445-GP DE3445GP 2019-02-07   Germany: Sky Events (II) mint 3,754,31Details
VC-X005-GP 2018-12-28   St. Vincent and Grenadinen: Bienen - Satz (4) ** 30,6035,24Details
MD-0081-BP 2018-12-26   Moldawia: Kirchenglocken - Block ** 7,158,23Details
MI-MKHU-00 MIMKHU00 2018-12-21   MICHEL-Cat. Dogs Worldwide 69,8080,38Details
MI-MKKA-00 MIMKKA00 2018-12-21   MICHEL-Cat. House Cats Worldwide 69,8080,38Details
CZ-1013-SP CZ1013SP 2018-12-05   Tschechien: Guard of the Praque Castle mint 2,202,53Details
MD-1070-GP 2018-12-04   Moldawia: Weihnachten / Neujahr - Satz (2) ** 2,903,33Details
LT-1299-SP LT1299SP 2018-11-30   Lithuania: 100 Jahre litauische Briefmarken ** 2,502,87Details
EE-0941-SP EE0941SP 2018-11-23   Estonia: Weihnachten 2018 - skl. ** 4,104,72Details
LT-1297-GP LT1297GP 2018-11-23   Lithuania: Weihnachten 2018 - Satz (2) ** 1,752,01Details
LV-1061-GP LV1061GP 2018-11-23   Latvia: Weihnachten 2018 - Satz (3) skl. ** 6,207,14Details
EE-0940-SP EE0940SP 2018-11-20   Estonia: Estn. Orthographisches Wörterbuch ** 1,802,07Details
BY-X001-SP BYX001SP 2018-11-18   Belarus: Joint issue with Uzbekistan mint 2,202,53Details
UZ-X001-SP UZX001SP 2018-11-18   Usbekistan: Joint Issue with Belarus mint 3,554,08Details

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