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Articles New to Our Shop

Here you find articles that we added to our shop within the last five weeks (except supplements). Spanning all countries except Austria (You find Austrian new articles here)

Sorted chronologically from new to old. If you are interested in what older articles we added (which we do all the time, sorting through our stock for what we have in especially thematics) you can start with the last page and click forward.

In this category you will find 289 stamps, covers and cards.
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↓Order no.DescriptionEURUSDMore
MI-BD09-04 MIBD0904 2019-12-06   MICHEL-Cat. Japan, Korea, CIS 2020 89,00102,49Details
MI-EU07-07 MIEU0707 2019-12-06   MICHEL-Cat. Eastern Europe 2019/2020 72,0082,91Details
MI-UNO0-00 MIUNO000 2019-12-06   MICHEL-Cat. UNO-Specialised 2020 66,0076,00Details
DE-3506-GP DE3506GP 2019-12-05   Germany: Helden der Kindheit (I) - Satz (2) ** 3,754,31Details
DE-3508-SP DE3508SP 2019-12-05   Germany: 200. Geb. Theodor Fontane ** 4,154,77Details
KA-DNK0-02 KADNK002 2019-12-01   DNK Germany Stamps-Catalogue 2019 9,9511,45Details
KA-LEEU-00 KALEEU00 2019-12-01   Leuchtturm EURO-Katalog 2020 12,9514,91Details
AN-MU01-00 ANMU0100 2019-11-29   ANK Austrian Coins 2020 paperback 49,9057,46Details
AN-AJ00-00 ANAJ0000 2019-11-29   ANK Austria Standard 2020 paperback 29,9034,43Details
AN-4L00-00 AN4L0000 2019-11-29   ANK 4-Countries 2020 paperback 59,9068,98Details
LI-1118-27 LI111827 2019-11-20   LINDNER 2 Euro Vordruckblatt Nummer 27 3,203,68Details
UG-0022-HP UG0022HP 2019-11-11   UNO Geneva: UNESCO world heritage mint 26,3030,28Details
UN-0022-HP UN0022HP 2019-11-11   UNO New York: UNESCO world heritage mint 28,4532,76Details
CN-5129-SP CN5129SP 2019-11-10   China: Daxing Flughafen mit Zierfeld ** 1,001,15Details
LU-X001-BP LUX001BP 2019-11-08   Luxemburg: Kaiser Karl V. - Block ** 2,853,28Details
MI-EU05-07 MIEU0507 2019-11-08   MICHEL-Cat. Northern Europe 2019/2020 74,0085,22Details
MI-EU06-07 MIEU0607 2019-11-08   MICHEL-Cat. Western Europe 2019/2020 74,0085,22Details
FI-2668-TP 2019-11-06   Finland: Weihnachten 2019 - skl. ** 3,003,45Details
FI-2669-TP 2019-11-06   Finland: Weihnachten 2019 - skl. ** 4,355,00Details
BY-X003-BP 2019-10-25   Belarus: Weihnachten 2019 - Block ** 10,8012,43Details

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