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Articles New to Our Shop

Here you find articles that we added to our shop within the last five weeks (except supplements). Spanning all countries except Austria (You find Austrian new articles here)

Sorted chronologically from new to old. If you are interested in what older articles we added (which we do all the time, sorting through our stock for what we have in especially thematics) you can start with the last page and click forward.

In this category you will find 220 stamps, covers and cards.
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↓Order no.DescriptionEURUSDMore
FL-0037-BP FL0037BP 2020-09-07   Liechtenstein: 500. Todestag Raffael - Block ** 19,6022,57Details
FL-0038-BP FL0038BP 2020-09-07   Liechtenstein: PET-Recycling - Block ** 19,6022,57Details
DE-3561-SP DE3561SP 2020-09-03   Germany: Umweltschutz ** 3,253,74Details
DE-3562-GP DE3562GP 2020-09-03   Germany: Tierbabys (XII) - Satz (2) ** 4,705,41Details
DE-3564-SP DE3564SP 2020-09-03   Germany: Tag der Briefmarke ** 2,152,47Details
DE-3565-SP DE3565SP 2020-09-03   Germany: 100. Geb. Lore Lorentz ** 4,154,77Details
KA-SBK0-01 KASBK001 2020-09-01   Schweizer Briefmarkenkatalog 2021 25,0028,79Details
KA-SBKL-01 KASBKL01 2020-09-01   Schweizer Briefmarkenkat. Liechtenst.'21 16,5019,00Details
KA-SBKU-01 KASBKU01 2020-09-01   Schweizer Briefmarkenkat. UNO Genf 2021 12,2014,05Details
KA-ZCH0-01 KAZCH001 2020-08-24   Zumstein Cat. Switzerland/Liecht. 2021 29,0033,39Details
BG-X005-BP BGX005BP 2020-07-21   Bulgaria: 200 J. Entdeckung der Antarktis Block ** 9,0510,42Details
GG-1785-SP GG1785SP 2020-07-21   Guernsey: 250. Geb. Ludwig van Beethoven (III) ** 3,453,97Details
GG-1796-SP GG1796SP 2020-07-21   Guernsey: SEPAC: Kunstwerke ** 3,003,45Details
BG-X006-BP BGX006BP 2020-06-27   Bulgaria: Europa: Hist. Postrouten - Block ** 7,608,75Details
BG-X006-GP BGX006GP 2020-06-27   Bulgaria: Europa: Historische Postrouten ** 7,608,75Details
BG-X006-HP BGX006HP 2020-06-27   Bulgaria: Europa: Historische Postrouten MH ** 36,3041,80Details
GR-0048-HP GR0048HP 2020-06-27   Greece: Europa: Hist. Postrouten MH ** 35,1040,42Details
GR-X007-GP GRX007GP 2020-06-27   Greece: Europa: Hist. Postr. aus MH Satz (2) ** 17,5520,21Details
GR-X007-HP GRX007HP 2020-06-27   Greece: Europa: Hist. Postrouten MH ** 35,1040,42Details
HR-X007-GP HRX007GP 2020-06-27   Croatia: Europa: Hist. Postrouten - Satz (2) ** 6,958,00Details

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