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Magnifiers and Microscopes

In this category you will find 23 magnifiers.
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↓Order no.DescriptionEURUSDMore
AK-7151-00 AK715100 Illum. magnifier 2,5 mag. with LED-light (Lighth.-No. LU 195 LED)23,5027,06Details
LE-LU10-00 LELU1000 Magnifiying Glass 4x diam. 50mm (Lighth.-No. 308387)10,9512,61Details
LE-LU11-00 LELU1100 Golden Magnifier with crystal lens 3x (Lighth.-No. 305535)12,9514,91Details
LE-LU15-00 LELU1500 Illumminated Magnifier 10x LED (Lighth.-No. 301102)12,5014,39Details
LE-LU16-10 LELU1610 Tisch-/Klemmleuchtlupe mit Flexarm (Lighth.-No. 311360)32,9537,94Details
LE-LU19-00 LELU1900 Leuchtlupe mit Kreisbeleuchtung 3,2-fach (Lighth.-No. 325392)27,9532,18Details
LE-LU20-00 LELU2000 Magnifiying Glass 3x diam. 75mm (Lighth.-No. 337993)9,9511,45Details
LE-LU24-00 LELU2400 Prńzisionslupe 10-fach (Lighth.-No. 302628)34,9540,25Details
LE-LU25-BR LELU25BR Schiebelupe 4-fach im Lederetui braun (Lighth.-No. LU25)5,956,85Details
LE-LU25-S0 LELU25S0 Schiebelupe 4-fach im Lederetui schwarz (Lighth.-No. LU25)5,956,85Details
LE-LU27-00 LELU2700 Lesestab 2,5-fach mit Lupe 5-fach (Lighth.-No. LU27)8,9510,30Details
LE-LU30-00 LELU3000 Magnifiying Glass 2,5x diam. 90mm (Lighth.-No. 321182)11,9513,76Details
LE-LU30-L0 LELU30L0 Pull-out Magnifier with LED, 20x (Lighth.-No. 321419)11,9513,76Details
LE-LU32-L0 LELU32L0 Prńzisionsleuchtlupe 10-fach LED (Lighth.-No. 338881)49,9557,52Details
LE-LU36-L0 LELU36L0 Pull-out Magnifier DUPLEX 3x/6x (Lighth.-No. 360730)29,9534,49Details
LE-LU40-00 LELU4000 Frameless acrylic lens (Lighth.-No. 301472)8,9510,30Details
LE-LU4L-00 LELU4L00 Frameless LED illuminated magnifier (Lighth.-No. 307746)16,9519,52Details
LE-LU50-00 LELU5000 Frameless acrylic lens (Lighth.-No. 333010)11,9513,76Details
LE-LU5L-00 LELU5L00 LED-Leuchtlupe CHOPARZ Chrome 2,5-fach (Lighth.-No. 322400)29,9534,49Details
LE-LU60-00 LELU6000 Frameless acrylic lens (Lighth.-No. LU 6)8,9510,30Details

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