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In this category you will find 52 articles.
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↓Order no.DescriptionEURUSDMore
LE-OPTF-0R LEOPTF0R OPTIMA F Binder for 30 pages red (Lighth.-No. 314742)37,9543,70Details
LE-OPTF-0S LEOPTF0S OPTIMA F Binder for 30 pages black (Lighth.-No. 311197)37,9543,70Details
LE-OPTF-0N LEOPTF0N OPTIMA F Binder for 30 pages tan (Lighth.-No. 308157)37,9543,70Details
LE-OPTF-0G LEOPTF0G OPTIMA F Binder for 30 pages green (Lighth.-No. 312210)37,9543,70Details
LE-OPTF-0B LEOPTF0B OPTIMA F Binder for 30 pages blue (Lighth.-No. 302912)37,9543,70Details
LE-OPTG-0S LEOPTG0S OPTIMA G Binder f. 60 pages black (Lighth.-No. 324452)44,9551,76Details
LE-OPTG-0R LEOPTG0R OPTIMA G Binder f. 60 pages red (Lighth.-No. 309772)44,9551,76Details
LE-OPTG-0N LEOPTG0N OPTIMA G Binder f. 60 pages brown (Lighth.-No. 323420)44,9551,76Details
LE-OPTG-0G LEOPTG0G OPTIMA G Binder f. 60 pages green (Lighth.-No. 301449)44,9551,76Details
LE-OPTG-0B LEOPTG0B OPTIMA G Binder f. 60 pages blue (Lighth.-No. 319597)44,9551,76Details
LE-OPTA-0B LEOPTA0B OPTIMA Binder EASY blue (Lighth.-No. 355226)16,9519,52Details
LE-OPT1-S0 LEOPT1S0 10 Lighth. OPTIMA-Pages black 1 pocket (Lighth.-No. 326667)8,9510,30Details
LE-OPT2-S0 LEOPT2S0 10 Lighth. OPTIMA-Pages black 2 strips (Lighth.-No. 322646)8,9510,30Details
LE-OPT3-S0 LEOPT3S0 10 Lighth. OPTIMA-Pages black 3 strips (Lighth.-No. 316307)8,9510,30Details
LE-OPT4-S0 LEOPT4S0 10 Lighth. OPTIMA-Pages black 4 strips (Lighth.-No. 331859)8,9510,30Details
LE-OPT5-S0 LEOPT5S0 10 Lighth. OPTIMA-Pages black 5 strips (Lighth.-No. 333229)8,9510,30Details
LE-OPT6-S0 LEOPT6S0 10 Lighth. OPTIMA-Pages black 6 strips (Lighth.-No. 316995)8,9510,30Details
LE-OPT7-S0 LEOPT7S0 10 Lighth. OPTIMA-Pages black 7 strips (Lighth.-No. 323995)8,9510,30Details
LE-OPT1-C0 LEOPT1C0 10 Lighth. OPTIMA-Pages clear 1 pocket (Lighth.-No. 319037)8,9510,30Details
LE-OPT2-C0 LEOPT2C0 10 Lighth. OPTIMA-Pages clear 2 strips (Lighth.-No. 309942)8,9510,30Details
LE-OPT2-VC LEOPT2VC 10 Lighth. OPTIMA-Pages clear 2 st. ver. (Lighth.-No. 302388)7,508,63Details
LE-OPT3-C0 LEOPT3C0 10 Lighth. OPTIMA-Pages clear 3 strips (Lighth.-No. 317839)8,9510,30Details
LE-OPT3-VC LEOPT3VC 10 Lighth. OPTIMA-Pages clear 3 st. ver. (Lighth.-No. 311363)7,508,63Details
LE-OPT4-C0 LEOPT4C0 10 Lighth. OPTIMA-Pages clear 4 strips (Lighth.-No. 318071)8,9510,30Details
LE-OPT4-VC LEOPT4VC 10 Lighth. OPTIMA-Pages clear TWK (Lighth.-No. 328118)7,508,63Details
LE-OPT5-C0 LEOPT5C0 10 Lighth. OPTIMA-Pages clear 5 strips (Lighth.-No. 307543)8,9510,30Details
LE-OPTE-TB LEOPTETB 10 Lighth. OPTIMA-Pages ETBs (Lighth.-No. 338227)8,9510,30Details
LE-OPT2-CT LEOPT2CT 10 Lighth. OPTIMA-Pages clear 4 pockets (Lighth.-No. 318071)7,508,63Details
LE-OPTZ-WL LEOPTZWL 10 Lighth. OPTIMA-Interleaves (Lighth.-No. 335313)5,956,85Details
LE-OPT2-XS 10 Lighth. OPTIMA-Pages black 2 st. XL (Lighth.-No. 334915)11,9513,76Details
LE-OPTZ-WX 10 Lighth. OPTIMA-Interleaves XL (Lighth.-No. OPTIMZWLXL)4,955,70Details
LE-OPTM-12 LEOPTM12 5 Coin pages for 12 coinholders (Lighth.-No. 309197)7,959,15Details
LE-OPTM-40 LEOPTM40 5 Coin pages for 5 Euro coin sets (Lighth.-No. 308740)9,5010,94Details
LE-OPTM-54 LEOPTM54 5 Coin pages for 54 coins up to 20 mm (Lighth.-No. 315033)9,5010,94Details
LE-OPTM-35 LEOPTM35 5 Coin pages for 35 coins up to 27 mm (Lighth.-No. 306013)9,5010,94Details
LE-OPTM-24 LEOPTM24 5 Coin pages for 24 coins up to 34 mm (Lighth.-No. 319236)9,5010,94Details
LE-OPTM-15 LEOPTM15 5 Coin pages for 15 coins up to 42 mm (Lighth.-No. 338032)9,5010,94Details
LE-OPTM-06 LEOPTM06 5 Coin pages for 6 coins up to 65 mm (Lighth.-No. 316001)9,5010,94Details
LE-OPTM-EB LEOPTMEB 2 Blank pages for EURO-Album (Lighth.-No. 315537)8,9510,30Details
LE-OPT2-EC 10 Lighth. OPTIMA-Pages clear 2 st. XL (Lighth.-No. 334698)7,508,63Details

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