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Nimbus frame The frames of the NIMBUS Series offer a completely new way of setting the stage for your collectible items.
The Special feature, of these frames, are two transparent, flexible silicone membranes which surround your exhibition items softly and which create the impression that they levitate inside the frame.
The frame can be opened completely. the collectible is placed on one of the two silicone membranes and the frame can be closed. The object will be held in place by the surrounding silicone membranes, keeping it in its position. A magentic closure keeps the frame held together.

On this page you'll find 12 Frames.

↓Order no.DescriptionEURUSDMore
LI-4827-00 LI482700 NIMBUS Universaletui (Lindner-Nr. 4827)9,5010,94Details
LI-4828-00 LI482800 Objektrahmen NIMBUS 50 (Lindner-Nr. 4828)11,9013,70Details
LI-4830-00 LI483000 Objektrahmen NIMBUS 70 (Lindner-Nr. 4830)12,9014,85Details
LI-4831-00 LI483100 Objektrahmen NIMBUS 230 (Lindner-Nr. 4831)29,9034,43Details
LI-4832-00 LI483200 Objektrahmen NIMBUS 265 (Lindner-Nr. 4832)23,9027,52Details
LI-4833-S0 LI4833S0 Objektrahmen NIMBUS NEMO schwarz 12,9014,85Details
LI-4834-00 LI483400 Objektrahmen NIMBUS fŘr Octo-Kapseln (Lindner-Nr. 4834)9,5010,94Details
LI-4836-B0 LI4836B0 Objektrahmen NIMBUS ECO blau (Lindner-Nr. 4836 B)10,9012,55Details
LI-4836-S0 LI4836S0 Objektrahmen NIMBUS ECO schwarz (Lindner-Nr. 4836 S)10,9012,55Details
LI-4836-W0 LI4836W0 Objektrahmen NIMBUS ECO weiss (Lindner-Nr. 4836 W)10,9012,55Details
LI-4838-00 LI483800 Objektrahmen NIMBUS 150 (Lindner-Nr. 4838)25,9029,82Details
LI-4868-00 LI486800 Objektrahmen NIMBUS 150 Krokodesign rot (Lindner-Nr. 4868)16,9019,46Details