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Collection Boxes

Collection Boxes LI-2401-00 - LI-2403-00 The highly regarded collection box offers three different versions plus movable dividers making countless possibilities.
Collectable items such as mineral samples, decorations, medals, watches, jewellery, tin soldiers, small boxes, buttons, silver and gold items, holiday souvenirs and many more collectable items will be disabled to their best advantage against the red background.
Carrying cases will house either 2 or 4 collection boxes.
Dimensions of these collection boxes: inside: 29mm height, outside: 40mm height, 236mm width, 303mm depth.

On this page you'll find 17 articles.

↓Order no.DescriptionEURUSDMore
LI-2401-00 Collection Box no division (Lindner-No. 2401)39,5045,49Details
LI-2402-00 Collection Box 2 compartments 6 dividers (Lindner-No. 2402)39,5045,49Details
LI-2403-00 Collection Box 3 compartments 8 dividers (Lindner-No. 2403)39,5045,49Details
LI-2404-00 Collection Box for 10 standard watches (Lindner-No. 2404)39,5045,49Details
LI-2405-00 Collection Box for 3 POP-watches long (Lindner-No. 2405)39,5045,49Details
LI-2406-00 Collection Box for 4 POP-watches short (Lindner-No. 2406)39,5045,49Details
LI-2407-00 Collection Box for 12 Eplalux-cases (Lindner-No. 2407)39,5045,49Details
LI-2408-00 Collection Box for 24 seal. set of coins (Lindner-No. 2408)39,5045,49Details
LI-2410-00 10 dividers long for LI-2402-00 (Lindner-No. 2410)6,507,48Details
LI-2411-00 10 dividers short for LI-2403-00 (Lindner-No. 2411)6,507,48Details
LI-2461-00 Collection Box no division (Lindner-No. 2461)39,5045,49Details
LI-2462-00 Collection Box 2 compartments 6 dividers (Lindner-No. 2462)39,5045,49Details
LI-2463-00 Collection Box 3 compartments 8 dividers (Lindner-No. 2463)39,5045,49Details
LI-2467-00 Collection Box for 12 Eplalux-cases (Lindner-No. 2467)39,5045,49Details
LI-2468-00 Collection Box for 24 seal. set of coins (Lindner-No. 2468)39,5045,49Details
LI-2470-00 10 dividers long for LI-2402-00 (Lindner-No. 2470)6,507,48Details
LI-2471-00 10 dividers short for LI-2403-00 (Lindner-No. 2471)6,507,48Details