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Protective Covers/Sleeves

protective covers All protective sleeves are made from a crystal clear, acid- and chemical softener-free plastic film. The red line identifies the open side. Film thickness: 0.10 mm.

In this category you will find 23 protective covers.
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↓Order no.DescriptionEURUSDMore
LI-0895-00 LI089500 50 Protective covers/sleeves 166x80mm (Lindner-No. 895LP)8,9010,24Details
LI-0894-00 LI089400 50 Protective covers/sleeves 156x80mm (Lindner-No. 894LP)8,9010,24Details
LI-0893-00 LI089300 50 Protective covers/sleeves 140x80mm (Lindner-No. 893LP)8,9010,24Details
LI-0892-00 LI089200 50 Protective covers/sleeves 240x130mm (Lindner-No. 892LP)14,5016,69Details
LI-0891-00 LI089100 50 Protective covers/sleeves 238x168mm (Lindner-No. 891)14,5016,69Details
LI-0889-00 LI088900 50 Protective covers/sleeves 145x96mm (Lindner-No. 889P)8,9010,24Details
LI-0888-00 LI088800 100 Protective covers 213x152mm (Lindner-No. 888LP)14,5016,69Details
LI-0887-A0 LI0887A0 50 Protective covers/sleeves 260x112 mm (Lindner-No. 887-1P)14,5016,69Details
LI-0887-00 LI088700 100 Protective covers 230x118mm (Lindner-No. 887)16,8019,34Details
LI-0886-00 LI088600 50 Protective covers/sleeves 195x105 mm (Lindner-No. 886P)10,9012,55Details
LI-0885-00 LI088500 50 Protective covers/sleeves 190x130mm (Lindner-No. 885)10,9012,55Details
LI-0884-00 LI088400 50 Protective covers/sleeves 170x120mm (Lindner-No. 884P)9,9011,40Details
LI-0883-A0 LI0883A0 50 Protective covers/sleeves 170x100mm (Lindner-No. 883-1P)9,9011,40Details
LI-0883-00 LI088300 50 Protective covers/sleeves 180x100 mm (Lindner-No. 883P)10,9012,55Details
LI-0882-00 LI088200 50 Protective covers/sleeves 155x110 mm (Lindner-No. 882P)9,9011,40Details
LI-0881-00 LI088100 50 Protective covers/sleeves 155x100mm (Lindner-No. 881P)8,9010,24Details
LI-0879-00 LI087900 100 Protective covers/sleeves 92x58mm (Lindner-No. 879LP)10,5012,09Details
LI-0878-B0 LI0878B0 50 Protective covers/sleeves 91x67mm (Lindner-No. 878-2P)8,9010,24Details
LI-0878-A0 LI0878A0 50 Protective covers/sleeves 67x91mm (Lindner-No. 878-1P)8,9010,24Details
LI-0878-00 LI087800 50 Protective covers/sleeves 88x57mm (Lindner-No. 878P)8,9010,24Details

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