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Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones.The Rolling Stones are the most successful rockband of the world beside the Beatles. The group was formed by Mick Jagger (vocals), Keith Richards (guitar), Brian Jones (guitar), Bill Wyman (bass) and Charlie Watts (drums) in the summer of 1962. The musicians named called themselves after the song Rollin' Stone Blues from their idol Muddy Waters. They came to the top of the charts with the song called I can get no satisfaction in May 1965.
Through their aggresive sound they were well-known as juvenile rebels soon. At the student movement 1968 they, however, dissociated themselves from the direct force. Brian Jones drowned after a drug-trip in the pool of his estate in June 1969. Mick Taylor substituted him as a guitarist. Mick Taylor left the band by the end of 1975. He was replaced by Ron Wood. Finally in March 1993 Bill Wyman left the band.
Also today the Rolling Stones are still popular. The portraits of the musicians on the Austrian stamps come from concerts in Austria. The first time for an Austrian stamp not the term Österreich is visible as national designation on the stamps, it is Austria. The format of the block of 10 x 10 cm is adapted to the format of a CD cover.
Text: OStR. Prof. Richard Zimmerl

On this page you'll find 8 stamps, covers and cards.

↓Order no.DescriptionEURUSDMore
GB-2851-GP GB2851GP 2010-01-07   Great Britain: Schallplattencover - Satz (10) ** (Mi 2851/2860)10,9012,55Details
GB-2841-GP GB2841GP 2010-01-07   Great Britain: Schallplattencover - Satz (10) skl ** (Mi 2841/2850)25,2029,02Details
AT-2464-BP AT2464BP 2003-06-18   Austria: Rolling Stones - S-Sheet - mint (SCN 1924, Mi Block 21, ANK Block 23)6,006,90Details
AT-2464-B1 AT2464B1 2003-06-18   Austria: Rolling Stones - Block FDC (SCN 1924, Mi Block 21, ANK Block 23)8,009,21Details
-AT-2464-EP AT2464EP 2003-06-18   Austria: Rolling Stones - Block Schwd. (SCN 1924, Mi 21, ANK 2464)  Details
AT-2464-MP AT2464MP 2003-06-18   Austria: Rolling Stones set (4) - mint (SCN 1924, Mi 2430/2433, ANK 2464/2467)6,507,48Details
-AT-2464-M1 AT2464M1 2003-06-18   Austria: Rolling Stones - Satz (4) FDC (SCN 1924, Mi 2430/2433, ANK 2464/2467)  Details
AT-2464-MM AT2464MM 2003-06-18   Austria: Rolling Stones - Satz (4) MC (SCN 1924, Mi 2430/2433, ANK 2464/2467)12,5014,39Details