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Joint Issues

In this category you will find 1360 Joint Issues.
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↓Order no.DescriptionEURUSDMore
IN-X004-GP INX004GP 2018-05-11   India: Joint issue with Vietnam mint 5,606,32Details
IN-X004-BP INX004BP 2018-05-11   India: Joint issue with Vietnam s-sheet mint 5,606,32Details
SK-0052-BP SK0052BP 2018-05-03   Slovakia: Slavic liturgy s-sheet mint (Mi Block 52)8,509,60Details
ID-X002-GP IDX002GP 2018-04-28   Indonesia: Marine life mint 3,303,72Details
ID-X002-BP IDX002BP 2018-04-28   Indonesia: Marine life s-sheet mint 6,607,45Details
IR-X002-BP IRX002BP 2018-02-12   Iran: Gem. Ausgabe mit Armenien - Block ** 31,3535,40Details
SK-0835-SP SK0835SP 2018-01-05   Slovakia: Friendship with Romania mint (Mi 835)3,854,34Details
RO-7323-SP RO7323SP 2018-01-05   Romania: Joint issue with Slovakia mint (Mi 7323)5,305,98Details
PE-X001-BP PEX001BP 2017-12-26   Peru: Joint issue with Dominican Rep. Mint 27,7531,34Details
AX-X001-BP AXX001BP 2017-12-22   Armenia: Joint issue with Iran s-sheet mint 7,408,35Details
RU-2520-GP RU2520GP 2017-12-18   Russia: Architecture mint (Mi 2520/2521)6,607,45Details
MC-3371-GP MC3371GP 2017-11-30   Monaco: Christmas 2017 mint (Mi 3371/3372)5,506,21Details
RO-7306-GP RO7306GP 2017-11-24   Romania: Friendship with Estonia mint (Mi 7306/7307)10,3511,69Details
EE-0905-GP EE0905GP 2017-11-24   Estonia: Friendship with Romania mint (Mi 905/906)7,458,41Details
VA-1918-GP VA1918GP 2017-11-23   Vatican: Christmas 2017 mint (Mi 1918/1919)5,706,43Details
CN-4951-GP CN4951GP 2017-11-16   China: Friendship m. Cambodia mint (Mi 4951/4952)2,102,37Details
RU-2503-SP RU2503SP 2017-11-14   Russia: Architecture mint (Mi 2503)2,652,99Details
IL-2590-SP IL2590SP 2017-11-14   Israel: Friendship with Russia mint (Mi 2590)6,056,83Details
KH-X001-GP KHX001GP 2017-11-13   Kambodscha: Lions of mythology mint 7,508,47Details
TR-0172-BP TR0172BP 2017-11-09   Turkey: Friendship with Romania s-sheet mint (Mi Block 172)8,159,20Details

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