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LINDNER OCTO-Coin capsules

Coins of different sizes in one collection system. From Pennies to gold coins - all in one system. This is a collecting and presentation system in order to protect coins of different diameters in Coin capsules and at the same time present them elegantly in coin boxes, coin cases or coin pages. One Coin Octo consists of an octagonal distance disc made of high quality acrylic glass with an outside measurement of 50 x 50 mm and a corresponding LINDNER coin capsule. The distance disc has to be placed between the bottom and lid of the corresponding coin capsule. By this the different coin diameters are evened out. The LINDNER Coin capsules are extremely scratch resistant and provide the perfect protection and a crystal clear view of your coins.

In this category you will find 36 articles.
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↓Order no.DescriptionEURUSDMore
LI-4834-00 LI483400 Objektrahmen NIMBUS für Octo-Kapseln (Lindner-No. 4834)
Außenformat 66 x 66 x 24 mm.
LI-OCTO-14 LIOCTO14 2 LINDNER Octo Münzenkapseln 14 mm (Lindner-No. OS014)
LI-OCTO-15 LIOCTO15 2 LINDNER Octo Münzenkapseln 15 mm (Lindner-No. OS015)
LI-OCTO-16 LIOCTO16 2 LINDNER Octo Münzenkapseln 16 mm (Lindner-No. OS016)
LI-OCTO-1F LIOCTO1F 2 LINDNER Octo Münzenkapseln 16,5 mm (Lindner-No. OS165)
LI-OCTO-17 LIOCTO17 2 LINDNER Octo Münzenkapseln 17 mm (Lindner-No. OS017)
LI-OCTO-18 LIOCTO18 2 LINDNER Octo Münzenkapseln 18 mm (Lindner-No. OS018)
LI-OCTO-19 LIOCTO19 2 LINDNER Octo Münzenkapseln 19 mm (Lindner-No. OS019)
LI-OCTO-20 LIOCTO20 2 LINDNER Octo Münzenkapseln 20 mm (Lindner-No. OS020)
LI-OCTO-21 LIOCTO21 2 LINDNER Octo Münzenkapseln 21 mm (Lindner-No. OS021)
LI-OCTO-2G LIOCTO2G 2 LINDNER Octo Münzenkapseln 21,5 mm (Lindner-No. OS215)
LI-OCTO-22 LIOCTO22 2 LINDNER Octo Münzenkapseln 22 mm (Lindner-No. OS022)
LI-OCTO-2H LIOCTO2H 2 LINDNER Octo Münzenkapseln 22,5 mm (Lindner-No. OS225)
LI-OCTO-23 LIOCTO23 2 LINDNER Octo Münzenkapseln 23 mm (Lindner-No. OS023)
LI-OCTO-2I LIOCTO2I 2 LINDNER Octo Münzenkapseln 23,5 mm (Lindner-No. OS235)
LI-OCTO-24 LIOCTO24 2 LINDNER Octo Münzenkapseln 24 mm (Lindner-No. OS024)
LI-OCTO-2J LIOCTO2J 2 LINDNER Octo Münzenkapseln 24,5 mm (Lindner-No. OS245)
LI-OCTO-25 LIOCTO25 2 LINDNER Octo Münzenkapseln 25 mm (Lindner-No. OS025)
LI-OCTO-26 LIOCTO26 2 LINDNER Octo Münzenkapseln 26 mm (Lindner-No. OS026)
LI-OCTO-27 LIOCTO27 2 LINDNER Octo Münzenkapseln 27 mm (Lindner-No. OS027)

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