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Coats of Arms

In this category you will find 1403 articles.
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↓Order no.DescriptionEURUSDMore
AT-3509-SR AT3509SR 2019-10-18   Austria: Tag der Briefmarke / Maximilian - Kombi 18,5021,30Details
AT-1907-C5 AT1907C5 2019-08-31   Austria: SSt. 40 Jahre BSV Münzkirchen 1,701,95Details
AT-1907-C1 AT1907C1 2019-08-25   Austria: SSt. 1809 - Besetzung Gmundens 1,701,95Details
RU-2698-DP RU2698DP 2019-06-11   Russia: Coat of arms of the Russian Post mint (Mi 2698)1,802,07Details
FL-0033-BP FL0033BP 2019-06-03   Liechtenstein: Grand coat of arms s-sheet mint 18,7021,53Details
AT-3478-S1 AT3478S1 2019-04-11   Austria: 500. Todestag Kaiser Maximilian - FDC 3,303,80Details
AT-3478-SM AT3478SM 2019-04-11   Austria: 500. Todestag Kaiser Maximilian - MC (Mi 3457)3,403,91Details
RU-0272-BP RU0272BP 2019-03-28   Russia: Capital cities (XXII) s-sheet mint (Mi Block 272)6,056,96Details
RU-0273-BP RU0273BP 2019-03-28   Russia: Capital cities (XXIII) s-sheet mint (Mi Block 273)5,406,21Details
CZ-1013-SP CZ1013SP 2018-12-05   Tschechien: Guard of the Praque Castle mint (Mi 1013)2,202,53Details
RU-X014-SP RUX014SP 2018-11-27   Russia: Force Academy mint (Mi 2628)2,552,93Details
RU-X002-BP RUX002BP 2018-11-22   Russia: Coat of arms Khabrovsk region s-sh. Mint (Mi Block 268)6,407,37Details
AT-1812-C9 AT1812C9 2018-11-18   Austria: SSt. 100 Jahre Bundesland OÖ 1,601,84Details
RU-X008-SP RUX008SP 2018-11-13   Russia: Higher airship command school mint (Mi 2622)2,552,93Details
RU-X009-SP RUX009SP 2018-11-13   Russia: State secret mint (Mi 2623)2,552,93Details
RU-X004-SP RUX004SP 2018-11-05   Russia: Hauptd. Generalstab der Streitkräfte ** (Mi 2619)2,552,93Details
RU-X003-SP RUX003SP 2018-10-25   Russia: 100 years Komsomol mint (Mi 2618)4,304,95Details
AT-1811-C3 AT1811C3 2018-10-18   Austria: SSt. 100 Jahre Stadt Deutschlandsberg 1,601,84Details
RU-X001-BP RUX001BP 2018-10-04   Russia: Coat of arms of Moscow s-sheet mint (Mi Block 267)10,9012,55Details
LV-1053-SP LV1053SP 2018-09-07   Latvia: Curonian kings mint (Mi 1053)13,1015,08Details

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